Some people are passionate about the art of cooking for others. We, here at Hoggie Hoggie Hog Roast, fall in the category of passionate food lovers. So, we bring our tribe together so that we can all talk about what makes us tick: food! Here is some information on what you can expect from our regular newsletters.

Food festivals

Cheshire is a hub of activity with people loving to get together for a traditional hog roasting event. In addition, Cheshire has several food festivals throughout the year, with over 30,000 people getting together for Easter at the Chester Racecourse. Street food stalls are a common sight, and many exhibitors show off their food.

Catering tips

Our staff is made up of foodies and have years of experience and want to share their tips with you. Our newsletter will cover everything from licensing to the operation of catering companies. Let us show you how to cater on a lower budget and which foods to use for different seasonal events.


Where there is food, there are recipes, and we have created a great site to share tips and recipes with everybody. We include all the trade tricks for the best roasts to serve big groups of people to the side dishes ideal for big events. Make sure you get your copy of culinary tips.

Best UK chefs, restaurants, and catering companies

We will fill you in on where the best UK chefs hang out with catering companies, which restaurants are the base station for catering companies, and the caterers you can rely on.

Catering community

This is a real catering community, and if you have any questions about an upcoming event, your meals, or the best venues, we can let the community in on the question to give you the best answer. No problem is too big or too small to be solved by the Hoggie Hoggie Hog Roast community.