Whether you want to start a catering company or need to rent, or often work with companies, taking some time to understand the basic principles is fundamental for good practice.

Food Safety Handbook

Richard A Sprenger is the writer of this publication that gives readers all the information on food safety and the need for hygiene when working with food. The book is in paperback and has colour illustrations and photographs. Readers will find the book informative and easy to understand. The book is in English and considered one of the UK’s top editions on food control.

Catering Management, Fourth Edition

Students and professionals can find helpful information from Nancy Loman Scanlon in her book covering all food and beverage services operations. Here, readers will find proper menu planning, equipment needed for an operational kitchen, green practices, and marketing strategies.

Questions and Answers on the Theory of Catering

Several writers came together to write this novel which implores readers to test themselves according to the information. The book is meant to be used in conjunction with the 7th edition of Theory of Catering. Writers include Victor Ceserani, D. Foskett, David Foskett, and Ronald Kinton.

Catering: A Guide to Managing a Successful Business Operation

The book’s writer, Bruce Mattel, has extensive experience in the catering industry, having worked as a chef at several American outlets before becoming the dean of The Culinary Institute of America. The writer takes readers on a trip from starting up a business to running a successful food operation.

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